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Chapter 7 / Chapter 13 Bankruptcies

While it is never our first choice for our financial future, sometimes we find ourselves buried by debt. Bankruptcy is one option for aiding in the elimination of crushing debt.  There are steps that must be followed to make certain your bankruptcy is completed from debt to discharge as seamlessly as possible.  A free consultation is available if desired.

Now, how to begin?  You have found the place.  Simply download the Bankruptcy packet (You will need Adobe Acrobat).

NCLS charges a flat fee, payable prior to filing the bankruptcy.  Once you have retained our firm, you can refer all those creditor calls to us!

Information you will need:

  • One credit report from any of the three agencies to the right.
  • A credit counseling class, as required by federal  law.  Must be taken online, and can be from any of the following agencies:
    Cost not included in my fee.
  • Your fee, payable in cash or check.
  • After completing the packet, call to make an appointment.

BREATHE! It’s going to be O.K.


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